Congratulations to Mr. Andrei Mihailovic of Marquette University, who has been announced as this year's IGI Global Charleston Conference Librarian Stipend Winner

Winner of the 2022 Charleston Conference Librarian Stipend has been Announced by IGI Global

By IGI Global on Oct 25, 2022
Andrei MihailovicThe Covid-19 pandemic affected everyone around the globe and created academic disruptions, leading to many institutions evaluating how the access of research can be more available to students, researchers, and faculty, through their libraries in a new hybrid environment. As we return to in-person conferences, many of which have now also embraced hybrid learning environments for attendees, questions around new methods and priorities for research dissemination continue to be an issue worthy of discussion and deliberation.
As part of an ongoing effort to help librarians grow professionally and join their colleagues, publishers, and aggregators at the Charleston Conference to discuss this ever changing industry, IGI Global selected one librarian to receive a $500 stipend for in-person attendance at the 2022 Charleston Conference from November 1-4, in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Participants were asked to submit their answers to IGI Global, and a winner was randomly selected. Qualifying runners-up will be given complimentary access to Handbook of Research on Library Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic to add to their library's collection.
Handbook of Research on Library Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic />
Handbook of Research on Library Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic
Barbara Holland (Brooklyn Public Library, USA).
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This year, as the winner of the IGI Global Library Sponsorship Program, Andrei Mihailovic, Acquisitions Librarian for Marquette University, will meet with IGI Global's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, as well as Brittany Haynes, the Director of e-Collections at the 2022 Charleston Conference, and receive US$ 500 to help cover conference expenses.
As part of the application for the sponsorship, we asked librarians some questions. See Andrei Mihailovici's responses below:
How has the Covid-19 Pandemic shaped the way that libraries pursue research content acquisitions and implementation of these resources?
Andrei MihailovicAndrei Mihailovici: There are several significant ways that the COVID-19 Pandemic changed content acquisitions and implementation in academic libraries. Most significantly, it accelerated the shift to e-preferred collecting- which was already underway in academia, but at a much more gradual pace. The acceleration was spurred by academic libraries' rapid pivot to e-resources, due to building closures and physical collection restrictions during the early stages of quarantine and lockdown. Acquisitions staff had to increase access levels to online course texts or acquire electronic versions of materials not already held to accommodate the vast swaths of students and professors that were remote learning and educating for the first time. With this shift, an increase in patron comfort with electronic resources developed, and most academic libraries have maintained an e-preferred collection profile- whether through approval plans or firm orders- even after re-opening their doors. Another pandemic-based change in academic library acquisitions is the growing awareness of e-book licenses and platforms that has resulted from communication with faculty and staff around electronic access to course materials. Professors are now used to making sure an e-book is available to an unlimited number of users, so that their students can access course content simultaneously without impediment. Once merely a radical contingent of librarianship, the growing conversation around predatory publishing and textbook access has led to more knowledge and action among all major campus constituents- students, faculty and staff- around open access, affordable learning and open educational resources (OER). Vendor relations have changed in academic library acquisitions as well.
How can publishers and librarians better collaborate to further the advancement of knowledge resources?
Andrei Mihailovicih: There are trends among publishers and aggregators to accommodate the growing awareness of issues in electronic resource access; for example, patron-driven collecting is more ubiquitous than ever, and initiatives around electronic course reserve bundles have emerged as well. A new pandemic-based comfort with remote meetings has meant an increase in video conferences. While once seen as standard practice, being present in a room together has added weight for vendors and librarians, and signals a significance, pressure or urgency to a resource pitch- like a new ILS (integrated library system) or discovery layer- that was not there before. Finally, collections budgets have suffered in the wake of the pandemic. Many university libraries shut down their approval plans for practical reasons during lockdown- there was simply no one in the building to receive physical shipments of books. But financial crises have hit many institutions of higher learning during this unprecedented state of uncertainty and instability, and collections budgets have been hit the hardest at academic libraries, with staffing not far behind. This means that many approval plans stayed shut off, even after campuses resumed in-person classes and librarians returned to their offices. In the monograph world, it is not uncommon to simply have a DDA (demand driven acquisitions) plan in place, supplemented by online material requests from campus stakeholders like faculty and students, with nothing else.
Research Anthologies on Library and Information Science

Research Anthologies feature hand-selected research from our expert Editorial Team, sourced from published IGI Global chapters and articles, made to ease collection development and provide one all-encompassing resource on emerging topics.

Research Anthology on Balancing Family-Teacher Partnerships for Student Success
Research Anthology on Applying Social Networking Strategies to Classrooms and Libraries (4 Volumes)
Research Anthology on Implementing Sentiment Analysis Across Multiple Disciplines (4 Volumes)
Research Anthology on Service Learning and Community Engagement Teaching Practices (3 Volumes)
How can publishers assist in making resources more accessible for librarians and their patrons?
Andrei Mihailovici: Library liaisons are purchasing less and less, and liaison programs are disappearing in general, while automatic physical shipments are a luxury for the well-funded. In more than one instance, I have heard technical services librarians at other university libraries refer to their approval plan as “dead.” Some of these changes seem grim, but there is no need to impose a value judgment too hastily, especially when the stakes are not fatal, as they were- and for many continue to be- during the pandemic. Times of transition have always felt like a death knell to traditionalists and an exciting opportunity for innovators. I personally embrace the latter ethos; it is not often that one gets to feel creative as an acquisitions librarian, and our current era has made that a necessity.
Please list any notable accomplishments or any additional details:
Andrei Mihailovici: I am a new Acquisitions Librarian here at Marquette University, but I am from Charleston, and used to attend the conference every year for free (Katina Strauch was my boss in Technical Services- I was the Acquisitions Manager for the College of Charleston Library from 2016-2021). So it is strange to return with a need for funding assistance, which is why I am so grateful for this opportunity. Being new, I only have one real accomplishment since beginning, which is a paper that is currently in press (and very relevant to this prompt): The State of the Approval Plan in the Wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic (ID: 2125678 DOI:10.1080/07317131.2022.2125678) Journal: Technical Services Quarterly, Volume: 39, Issue: 04, pages 412 - 427. Authors: Andrei Mihailovi
Congratulations again to Andrei Mihailovi for winning this year's library stipend award - Nick Newcomer and Brittany Haynes are looking forward to meeting with you. They will also be available at the conference to meet with other attending librarians. Librarians that will be attending the in-person session are invited to set up a meeting time (contact Brittany at to discuss flexible e-Collections options including , Open Access Agreements, and more. You can also simply stop by table 44 at the Vendor Showcase, or arrange a virtual meeting to accommodate everyone. IGI Global e-Collections that can be discussed include:
  • IGI Global e-Book Collection, encompassing 11 major subjects and over 7,300+ titles
  • IGI Global e-Book Collections that focus on a broad discipline (Knowledge Solutions), subject-specific (Subject), and even topic-specific (Emerging Topic) e-Collections
  • Subscription, Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA), and Perpetual Models
IGI Global e-Book Collection
If you are attending the online Charleston Conference, Nick and Brittany will also be teaming up with librarians and library consortia leadership to present on topics involving publisher-library collaborations for the later, online-only portion of the Charleston Conference.
Registered virtual "attendees" may view the recordings of these sessions from November 14-18, 2022. If you are interested in viewing these presentations, and are not currently registered, Late Registration is still open until November 4, 2022.
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