Translation Rights

IGI Global publications are published in English and distributed throughout the world. Many of our high-quality publications have been translated into other languages. It is IGI Global's practice to work with established foreign publishers who wish to translate, publish, and sell a published IGI Global title.

In order to simplify the project for its foreign counterparts, the IGI Global Translation Rights contract proposes a simple fee structure based on a one-time upfront license fee, which is valid for five (5) years and not dependent on the foreign publisher tracking and reporting royalties to IGI Global.

You are encouraged to view the IGI Global website featuring detailed information on each publication, or review the latest IGI Global Book Catalog. Please contact IGI Global's Marketing Division, at for more information.

For Translators, because IGI Global only deals with foreign publishers who wish to translate, print, and sell our publications, it is recommended that you identify publishers in your region, who publish in the areas of information science and technology research, and submit a proposal to that publisher to be the lead translator on the project.

The organization responsible for overseeing the publication process should complete the IGI Global Translation Rights Request form and return to IGI Global. IGI Global does not work directly with translators. For your convenience, the IGI Global website offers a preview of each chapter of the book, as well as the preface and table of contents!

Why Translate IGI Global Books

  • Easy one-time fee structure that saves your staff administrative time tracking and reporting royalties.
  • Book contents have already undergone a stringent peer review process and have been updated according to reviewer’s comments.
  • Book authors/editors are high-level scholars with proven expertise in their field of study.
  • No embargo period for the translated version to appear on the market. The book is ready for publication as soon as translation is complete.
  • Exclusive translation contract so that only one proposal for translation will be accepted for each language.
  • IGI Global will share testimonial statements received for the book for you to use in your promotional materials.
  • Because IGI Global edited books are contributed to by authors from around the world, the viewpoints presented are from various perspectives and do not represent just the North American point of view.